Auto Concierge

If our inventory does not currently have the specific car, or equipment you would like, we offer an auto concierge service which commissions us to seek out the specific car for which you are looking.

1. Full Service

The full service transaction costs $1295 and we work with you to help identify the make and model of vehicle that will meet your budget and expectations. Whether you are looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle we will use our industry contacts to deliver the vehicle you want, within the parameters we have mutually agreed upon. Once the vehicle is located, we will negotiate, secure and deliver your vehicle without any of the frustrating sales tactics found at other dealerships. You will pay our cost plus the service fee. Your complete satisfaction with all aspects of the process is our number one priority.

2. Best Price Guarantee

For the best price guarantee, you provide us with a written quote for the car you want to purchase (including all fees, taxes and MSRP) and we'll work with our network to negotiate and secure a better selling price for you. Our charge for this service is 45% of any additional savings that we are able to negotiate on your behalf, capped at $1,295. Example: If you have a deal in place for a vehicle costing $30,000 and we negotiate a selling price of $28,000 you would pocket $1,100 in savings while our fee would be $900. If we negotiated the same deal for $27,000 we would hit the pre-established cap and you would pocket $1,705 and our fee would be $1,295.

Trade In Vehicles

We handle trade-ins a bit differently than other auto dealers. By consulting with a variety of sources, not just one like other auto dealers, we are able to establish the accurate worth of your vehicle. Further, we then allow you to see the data on what that particular car model with your specifications is selling for on the wholesale market giving you the insight in the market, and helping you realize the true value of your trade-in vehicle.